Music has the capacity to suspend time and allow love, emotion and joy to predominate in the atmosphere you want to create. We can advise you as to the musical combinations most suitable for your wedding ceremony and reception according to your individual tastes, as well as the number of guests, the style of wedding etc.

We will coordonate directly with the venue to discuss logistical arrangements & will take away any stress relating to that part of the day.



Whether you are having a church service or getting married in any venue, we will work closely with you, capturing the heart and imagination and helping to create & design the perfect personal ceremony.


"As a professional singer celebrant, I celebrated many weddings and have helped many couples to create an authentic ceremony, personal and memorable. I help lovers to create, write, orchestrate their "tailored"ceremony. I put my creativity, my sense of spirituality and ritual, my joy and my talents at your disposal to make your wedding unforgettable! " Ariane Douguet



Music is one of the best ways to really capture the true romance of the moment within a Wedding Ceremony.

The timing, amount and choices of music will depend on whether your wedding is religious or not, the order of proceedings, and most importantly your personal taste and the type of mood you wish to create.


During your wedding ceremony, there are a number of places where music may be appropriate.

The possibilities are endless it is really up to you and your priest/registrar/ celebrant/humanist minister but here’s a few suggestions:

  • Before the Bride arrives: Prelude music announces the entrance of the Bride (walking down the aisle)
  • Processional (Bridal Entrance)
  • Congregrational Hymns (in a church wedding): Ariane is often asked to sing a solo piece of music to replace a reading or congregation hymn.
  • A musical reflection, inserted anywhere you feel appropriate
  • The vows and the ring exchange
  • Lighting of Unity Candle
  • Ave Maria during the french traditional bouquet to virgin Mary
  • Signing of the Register
  • During Communion if your ceremony is a full Nuptial Mass
  • Recessional (Walking back down the aisle as man and wife)


Traditional in-church wedding services cultivate a sense of worship. In these settings, songs that direct attention to the glorification of God are favored over those that provoke secular meditation or that reflect romantic aspects of love. In these cases the music selection may have to be approved by the minister or priest.


Ariane Douguet has a complete understanding of the liturgy and the required music for the parts of the nuptial ceremony Ariane will perform the maximum amount of music during your ceremony.


If you are marrying in a church, they will be likely to have a resident organist who may be able to play for your wedding, but their availability must be confirmed. If you decide to hire Ariane for a church wedding, she will be happy to contact the church and make all necessary arrangements with their accompanist.


If there’s no organ or if an accompanist cannot be arranged, Ariane can sing with a string quartett or an orchestral high backing track.


The union of two people who love each other is one of the most important events in life, not only for the couple, but also for family and friends.

With Ariane, an English speaking wedding celebrant & singer, enjoy that time and remain confident in the presence of a Professional who will provide you a memorable personalized and romantic ceremony that you and your guests will always remember!


Ariane will create a tailor-made ceremony fully respectful of your philosophy of life, values and beliefs & that best reflects your image; very simple or ultra-sophisticated, or something in between, sealed in romance and love, in a location of your choice : in nature, on a beach by the sea, in a woodland, in a clearing in the forest, on a mountain, in a vineyard, in a chapel or temps, on a boat, in a garden next to your reception, in one of the many magnificent castles, parks and outlooks that our country provides,


Ariane loves helping lovers to achieve their own dream celebrations.

She respects all spiritual beliefs & works with couples from all over the world :

  • divorcees with no right to have a Church celebration,
  • same-s ex & LGBTunions,
  • beliebers ot not,
  • unions with two different religions,
  • people on a specific spiritual path

Ariane can sing with a string quartett or an orchestral high backing track.


Please Note :

Celebrant is not currently a legal entity in France : a legal marriage contract must therefore be signed before the Mayor (France) or the Judge (USA) or the Registrar (UK). More info here, or here.




JAZZ & SAMBA QUARTET is composed of a clarinet, a guitar, a bass, drums.


The Samba Jazz Quartet is flexible and other musicians can be added according to the musical program and your wishes: piano, saxophone, trumpet, trombone ...


This jazz band offer a warmsound for a lounge sophistical atmosphere.

Whether to animate an evening cocktail or dance the samba, you will appreciate the quality and international directory SAMBA JAZZ QUARTET & subtly balanced between jazz standards, unforgettable themes of Latin American music (Girl from Ipanema Antonio Carlos Jobim through Laurindo Almeida, Chet Baker, Dave BRUBECK, Paul Desmond, Stan GETZ), not to mention the "French touch" provided by themes or MichelLEGRAND Henri SALVADOR.


For this special evening, indoors or outdoors, for a small circle of friends or for a large audience, SAMBA JAZZ QUARTET will be happy to transport and install at home all the sound equipment for your project.


Having a professional opera singer during your cocktail or diner reception -for exemple before the wedding cake- will create a magic & glamorous atmosphere and set the tone for a wonderful evening!


Ariane will sing an anthology of the most moving opera masterpieces & of the most beautifull love songs in her repertoire.

You will both customize the musical program that will best fit your wedding according to your theme and preferences & the type of venue and service you are having!


Glamour, elegance, originality, thrills, feelings: the bride offers to guests a short opera & lyric pop interlude before the wedding cake!


Ariane can also perform an amazing Diva Pop Electro Show with the elegant dejay Benjamin.